Hot Tub Tips

Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Water Nice & Fresh

  • Test your hot tub water daily and keep your sanitizer and pH levels in check.
  • Clean your filter(s) regularly. Since this is where most of the icky contaminants live, we recommend spraying out your filters each week, using a filter cleaning spray on them once a month, giving them a deep clean in a bucket of diluted muriatic acid (roughly 4-1 water to acid) about every six months and replacing them each year or as the wrinkles start looking a bit worn
  • Change the water in your hot tub once every 3 or 4 months. We sell a pre-drain additive called "FRESH START" that will help to clean and condition the parts you can't see as well (plumbing)
  • Shower before and after using a hot tub. We encourage a simple, quick rinse before using the tub, and a normal shower with soap and water afterward will keep you and your water feeling fresh.
  • Keep your swimsuits cleaned, but be sure to rinse out any detergents that may be leftover from your laundry. Fresh laundry smells nice but is no good for hot tub water. Try to have a dedicated hot tub suit if possible, rinse after each use, and be good as new. Also, please do not use the same swimsuit you use for the lake, pond, or river swimming in the hot tub unless you make sure it’s been washed and disinfected
  • The hot water extracts oils, lotions, and soap from your body and clothes, and sometimes your filters won’t be able to get them out. Here is a simple tip, toss in a tennis ball. The fibers on a tennis ball will help attract these scum and film causing agents and get them out of the hot tub.